Frequently Asked Questions

The sport of fencing has life-long benefits and can lead to many amazing opportunities. It’s a great way to improve fitness and coordination, meet new friends, and it can even get you into college! Fencing teaches kids how to push themselves and instills values of sportsmanship and self discipline.

When you start fencing, you’re not only making a great choice for your health and fitness; you’re embarking on a journey that will teach you new things about yourself and joining a family of great athletes who all share in pursuing one of the most interesting and dynamic sports in the world.

Monday: 6pm-9pm

Tuesday: 5pm-9pm

Tuesday Plastic: 5pm-6:30pm

Wednesday: 6pm-9pm

Thursday: 5pm-9pm

Friday: 5pm-8:30pm

Saturday: 9am-1pm

Saturday Plastic: 9am-10:30am

Nellya Fencers is an Olympic level training facility, and we train hard! A full length practice is 3 to 4 hours long. Beginners and young students will not be expected to practice for the full length of time, but should be prepared to work up to it!

Practice starts promptly at the times stated for each day. We ask that the athlete shows up 15 minutes prior to the start of class. We understand that sometimes things happen, so if you must be late or leave practice early, please call or text a coach in advance.

All of our groups start at the same time. We are lucky enough to have enough space to accommodate very large practices, and often have several groups working simultaneously. This allows for our youngest students to see how our elite fencers train, and for them to pass on valuable experience.

You should wear comfy athletic clothes that you are prepared to sweat in and non-marking shoes

Please wear only non-marking shoes on the floor.

Do not poke or scratch the floor with your weapon. You can straighten your blade on one of the mats we have on the floor by most of the poles.

Knickers and under arm protects must be worn during any fencing bouts or drills!

For a more detailed list of rules and expectations, you can download a .pdf of our Welcome Packet.

Parents should set an example of responsibility and sportsmanship for their children by always showing respect to coaches, officials, and other athletes. Try to consistently bring your child on time to practice and let them stay for the entirety of their training session. School holidays are a good time to work in extra practices and lessons.

Our facilities include a comfy parent’s room that is equipped with wifi where you can work and observe the practice, but we also encourage parents to try fencing for themselves! We have many parents who enjoy exercising with their children periodically.

Equipment is provided for students in the plastic group, and we have most sizes available for rental for beginners. If you are ready to practice regularly in the electric group, you must have your own equipment.

We order most of our equipment from a vendor called Absolute Fencing Gear. For a comprehensive equipment checklist and a list of our recommendations, click here. Please note that all of the items on our equipment checklist are mandatory.

Fencing equipment can be ordered online or purchased directly from vendors at national tournaments. Always be sure of sizes before ordering. If your child is still growing, consider ordering equipment one size up.

If you take care of your equipment properly, it will last you a long time. Wash your equipment regularly to keep it fresh!

Wash your white jacket, knickers, and underarm protector how you would your regular whites. Use chlorine free bleach.

Your lamé can be washed when necessary. You can hand wash it or hang it in the shower and spray it off. Be sure to dry it thoroughly and never leave it crumpled so that it doesn’t rust or form any dead spots. The same goes for your glove.

Some masks have removable padding that can be taken out and washed.

Body cords, mask cords, and blades suffer from regular wear and tear, but they can usually be easily repaired. A coach can help you fix a broken body cord or mask cord, so don’t throw away the parts.

If your blade snaps, stop fencing with it immediately. Ask a coach to help you replace the blade.

Sew up any holes that appear in your equipment. Never fence with equipment that has holes in it, especially the glove.

You can order customized warm ups online here. Try on someone else’s warmups before ordering to be sure of your size. Be sure to take a screenshot of your order confirmation.

We have a limited number of lockers available for Nellya members that are assigned on a first-come-first-served basis for a fee of $200 per year. If you are interested in renting a locker, ask a coach or send us an email and we will be happy to help you.